Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Culture Warrior

Recently finished reading Fox journalist Bill O'Reilly's Culture Warrior (Broadway Books, 2006). O'Reilly sums up the beliefs of the 'secular-progressive' as

  • A sharing of the wealth by targeting the affluent for most of the government's revenue.
  • Lax school discipline on American children to promote ehtir so-called liberties.
  • Naked hostility to religious values and their expression in public.
  • A "one-world" approach to foreign relations that would prevent the U.S. government from imposing a policy that would benefit America first.
  • A touchy-feely vision of our society that places individual self-expression and rights over self-sacrifice and adult responsibility.

Of course this is nothing profound to the veterans of the culture wars, but it is nice to have a summary of the position of those we disagree with. I would have included something about the political policy of Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and the philosophy of ethical relativism. But I guess O'Reilly is not a philosopher and he wants to stick to the issues at hand.

The book was an eye opener and identified some of the key figures and movements amongst the S-P movement, definately informative, but the book had too much of an "its us vs them, so lets get 'em" type flavour to it. A little too military. Although I generally agreed with O'Reilly, I guess I would have liked some more argumentation for his positions than was given. I think it is important to know why we believe what we do and why we disagree with others. But otherwise, the book is worth reading and definately applies to much that goes on in Australia too.



Dee said...

Damien, this book sounds excellent. Is it available in book shops in Australia or do you have to get it through Amazon? When I go looking in the 'political' section at Dymocks, its all a disappointing and predictable array of mostly left hogwash.
The comment about expropriating money from the 'wealthy' is key to their philosophies. I once read one of the Labour Party's documents and it was clearly written right there. And Hillary Clinton exemplifies the raw ambition of a politician who can't wait to get her hands on the wealth of the people...I wonder if these global elite are willing to offer their own wealth and live in some shack somewhere as they expect the rest of us to.
God bless you.

Damien Spillane said...


You will probably have to go through Amazon. I bought it whilst honey mooning in USA recently. It is a great book. He doesn't mess around, cuts right to the chase. He really does sound like a culture warrior.

It is a great book, I recommend it. He gives some of the intellectual origin and big financers of the modern secular-progressive movement.

Very inspiring. Put it on your to read list.

I recommend you get your hands on a book called "The Prince of the City" by Fred Seigel. It is the story of Rudy Guiliani's transformation of NY city and his bringing down the bloated socialist government systems, dropping tax in order to encourage business growth, cleaned up crime through a classical view of morality and moved people off government dependency.

Of course he was pro-abortion, weak on gay issue, outlawed guns. So isn't perfect, but his story on transforming the other aspects of NY city was quite amazing.

Thanks for your comment.


Dee said...

I previously really liked Giuliani but was bitterly disappointed to hear his stance on what I see as key moral issues. Countries in Eastern Europe are adopting some really pro-entrepreneurial policies. Out of interest, you might like to check out Capitalist Magazine online. I've found some really interesting stuff there.
Keep up the great posting Damien. Your excellent blog deserves more viewers. Have you tried listing it on Right Bump? or Blog Explosion or Blog Soldiers?

Dee said...

Hi Damien,
Looking forward to your next post. Are they keeping you busy with your studies?

Dee said...

Hi Damien,
Could you please comment at RI with your email address (or email me) as I have lost your e-address. If you comment, I won't publish it so your email will be private.

Anonymous said...

"Of course he was pro-abortion, weak on gay issue, outlawed guns. So isn't perfect..."

Yes, discerning readers need to suspend their distaste at times for the sake of furthering their knowledge. Currently I'm reading The Trouble with Islam by Irshad Manji. She's a lesbian Muslim. But she offers some valuable insights into belligerent Islam.