Friday, March 23, 2007

Livingston and Pipes debate

Esteemed Middle East expert Daniel Pipes debated mayor of London Ken Livingston on 20th of January this year. Pipes was accompanied by Douglas Murray of the Social Affairs Unit and Livingston with Salma Yacoob of the Respect party. This is well worth watching, if nothing else than to see the absurdly naive comments of a member of the Left (Livingston), whom seemed to want to blame everything from the second half of the 20th century on America; from the Cold War right up until the modern 'war on terror'.

Equally erroneously, he proposes an ultra tolerant Multicultural London as a solution to the tensions between Muslims and Britain. But Pipes doesn't fall for such utopian Political Correctness, in response he mentions how British authorities have revealed that terrorists planning attacks in Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq etc paid visits to London before the attacks. So much for multiculturalism.

Murray's presentation was quite forceful, but I thought Yacoob could really do no more than make "it is all imperial America's fault!" type statements, she presented no real argument. Go here to watch the debate, I think Pipes and Murray really take it to Livingston and Yakoob, whilst their arguments were vacuous at best.

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