Saturday, March 24, 2007

Multiculturalism and Sensitivity

The great evangelists of multiculturalism; both Left wing and Political Correct advocating media representatives, and politicians, claim to be extra sensitive about the needs of those of other cultures. You could say that they are just trying to give them a 'fair go', a chance to be equal amongst the mainstream Australian society. But just how truly sensitive are these do-gooders, when it comes to the vulnerable amongst other cultures, whether they be Muslim or Indigenous Australian? Let us witness some examples;

First, Louis Nowra has written a book entitled Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal Men's Violence Against Women and Children, here he debunks the political myth that has prevailed since the 1960's, that there is nothing essentially dysfunctional about Aboriginal society. An example of one notorious lefty sporting rose coloured glasses was ABC broadcaster Philip Adams, who said, "...there is just as much domestic violence and child abuse in the general community." But such wilfull ignorance is exposed by Nowra with fact after fact of domestic violence and sexual assaults in his book, proving that turning a blind eye will not vanish the problem. In fact ignoring the problem, whilst trying to prolong the Noble Savage myth, will only compound things. This results in a betrayal (not to mention belittling the seriousness of their situation) of those poor children and women suffering from domestic violence.

This is not to mention that time and time again Andrew Bolt, of the Sunday Herald, has exposed the fact that the 'stolen generation' myth being promulgated today, is doing much to hurt the welfare of Aboriginal children. The courts and social workers are too afraid to remove abused Aboriginal children from their homes in fear of being accused of carrying on the 'stolen generations'. One example

"A VIOLENT man who inflicted horrific injuries on his toddler nephew was given custody despite fears expressed by childcare workers that he posed a danger."

You see in this case it was more important to the courts that 'cultural identity' be maintained, than actually remove this child from a clearly dangerous and abusive environment. Again we see the compassion of the Multiculturalist.

Adding to this, in Europe

"A German judge has stirred a storm of protest here by citing the Koran in turning down a German Muslim woman’s request for a fast-track divorce on the ground that her husband beat her."

You see it isn't the case that wife beating is wrong regardless of your culture, because there are no absolute moral laws like 'you shall not beat your wife'. No, what is right for one culture may not be right for another. In this case the Judge obviously thought that cultural relativism should prevail. Fortunately the powers that be had enough sense to remove this judge from the case.

But in all this you are left wondering, just how compassionate are the multiculturalist Left towards the vulnerable amongst minority cultures? They are sensitive to the perpetrators, but ironically (given their traditional boast of representing minorities, the weak and the vulnerable), the victim, the vulnerable one, is too often left out in the cold.


Dee said...

It's a clear case of a superficially moral agenda being used to propogate a moral injustice. This reveals the true evil nature of the spirit with which we deal.

Damien Spillane said...


I agree. It is a case of cultural diversity being more important than morality. Morality that any individual (excluding the psychopaths but including the Multiculturalists themselves), whose close family member had been so afflicted, would have no trouble recognising and would scream out for justice regardless of what races were involved. The postmodern/multicultural philosophy can not be lived out, it can only be advocated by ivory tower academics whom remove their philosopher's hat when they enter the real world. It is an untenable worldview and hence must be discarded.